Plaza of Love Letter to Kyoto

The 4th Love letter to Kyoto


Plaza Chief(Committee chairperson) Shoichi Inoue Director: International Research Center for Japanese Studies
Advisor of Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism
Advisor Daisaku Kadokawa Mayor of Kyoto
Plaza Committee(Judging committee) Shoei Okuda hief priest : Joshoji Temple
Advisor of Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism
Osamu Saito Former President of Kyoto Shimbun (News paper)
Advisor of Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism
Keigo Tamura Master of Kyo-Manju
Agency for Cultural Affairs Cultural Envoy
Akemi Nishimura Landlady of Hiiragi
Taisuke Hamada Painter for Japanese painting
Yoshie Doi President of Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism
(Order of the Japanese syllabary)
Prize・Auxiliary prize Certificate from Kyo-Suzume
Offerings from supporting companies


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Plaza of Love Letter to Kyoto   “Koibumi Hiroba to Kyoto”

[Love letter to Kyoto]

Purpose and outline of establishment

Plaza of Love Letter to Kyoto

So far, we have conducted three public offerings for “Love Letters to Kyoto”. From the 4th time, in addition to “Love letter to Kyoto”, “Plaza of Love Letter to Kyoto” will be opened as a trump card to convey the charm of Kyoto.

A long-established owner living in Kyoto and a key person in Kyoto will write a love letter and list it from the Kyo-Suzume website. We would like to ask our partners (sponsoring companies) and supporters to write about appeal the history, culture, corporate philosophy, etc. of the business content, and to disseminate the fascination of Kyoto. We will open the Plaza of Love Letter to Kyoto to enhance the power of transmission from Kyoto and the centripetal force of Kyoto, and to show love letters from Kyoto and all over the country to a wide range of people.

About Love letter to Kyoto

A love letter to Kyoto is a love letter that keeps the soul of Kyoto even 100 years after Kyoto in order to continue to be Kyoto. A love letter that incorporates the wisdom of Kyoto into our daily lives and resonates with nature to protect each other. A love letter that wants to keep an eye on the origin of Kyoto, where people can live in harmony with nature even when the times change. A love letter that wishes Kyoto to shine as an attractive city as an eternal city of heart.

In addition many people visit to enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto that evokes the genes, when we welcomed visitors from overseas to Kyoto, we received a lot of awareness about the charm of Kyoto from people from different cultures, which also triggered the open call for love letters. A love letter to connect the universal spirit of Kyoto to the next generation of the Japanese mind. Kyoto has inherited the hearts of its predecessors.

“Love letter to Kyoto” Reception site

Click here to apply for a love letter to Kyoto

Operation method “Love letter from Kyoto”

  • Providing supplementary prizes from partners (sponsoring companies) and sponsors, and providing gifts to participants and votes.
  • Request Kyo-Suzume individual members, Kyo-Suzume corporate members, and Okudo-san (Traditional cooking stove) Summit members to post to “Love Letters from Kyoto”
  • Prepairing from partners (sponsoring companies) and sponsors to provide benefits to applicants for “Love Letters to Kyoto”
  • Applicants and voting will receive benefits by presenting their smartphone or Kyoto Suzume member card at their partner.


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About the open call for love letters to Kyoto

Theme Plaza of Love Letter to Kyoto “Love Letter to Kyoto”
Name Love Letter to Kyoto
Outline To you who are interested in Kyoto
For Kyoto to remain Kyoto
Please tell us your thoughts
Application period 1st Feb.2021-30th Sep.2021
Format of work Sentences are 400 words or less, Senryu, Waka Poems, Haiku, Pictures, Photographs, all postcard size(100×148㎜)
Qualification requirements Anyone who is interested in Kyoto
Application benefits Offering gifts from supporting companies to all applicants
(Details will be attached at a later date)
Entry fee Free
Selection method Select by totaling the examination points of the Plaza committee and general voting
General voting Voting on the Net Up to 3 works per person
Result announcement date Oct. – Nov. 2021
Awards ceremony The first and second sessions were held, but the third session was canceled due to corona. The 4th will be held (in Kyoto city).
Sponsorship Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce, Kyoto Newspaper, Japan Foundation Kyoto office
Cooperation Kyoto Bank
Handling of work
Copy right
About the contents of a work
Submitted work can’t be returned. All rights reserved.
All right reserved in Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism.
Work of the following type can’t be accepted, also the Committee can cancel the award  without any notification

  • Materials offensive to public order and morals
  • Materials that violet copyright or other right of third parties
  • Materials that violate privacy or mental abuse of a third parties
  • Materials that lead to criminal acts or violate the laws
Handling of personal information Personal information that has been provided with the application will only be used for contact to the applicants, sending the winning prize, and announcing the winners
It will not be used for any other purposes.
Organizer Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism
Organizer overview Founded NPO Yuyusha Kyo-Suzume in 2001, and moved to Kyo-Suzume Cultural Tourism Research Institute (commonly known as Kyo-Suzume) in 2017. Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism Research Institute will disseminate the culture of living for the future
Address for submission Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism
231 2F The 8th Hase bldg, 680-1 Omandokoro cho, Bukkojisagaru Karasumadori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8413 Japan

Click here to apply for a love letter to Kyoto


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